Flash back, 20 Things that used to be cool in the cell phone world Last Decade

December 14, 2009 2 comments

1. Phones with green screens


2. Nokia 5110

My first Cell Phone, I use to be the Snake champion


3. Polyphonic ringtones

My favorite was “Holla back youngin” by Fabolous

4. Motorola

I don’t know what happen, or who retired but who ever it was get them back cause they just started making crap phones.


5. Razr Phones

Once the most popular phone but had the worst battery life ever


6. 2G


7. Wired Headsets

Remember when they first came out and you thought people were talking to themselves?


8. Treo


9. GoolLink

The application that use to take over your entire phone no matter what you were doing when you got an email


10. Cingular


11. Nextel

Please hold while the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located

12. Bar phones


13. The first camera phones Sanyo 8100

Once upon a time when every phone didn’t have a camera….


14. Blackberry with the side scroll

15. Two way pagers

16. Snake


17. Beaming

Use to have to make your phones French kiss to transfer data


18. Talking

The Nielsen Company has found out that the average US mobile subscriber sends or receives more than 350 SMS messages per month, while making or receiving only 200 voice calls.

19. T9

Side note: I would always get annoyed when T9 would type duck instead of the F word. Isn’t T9 supposed to guess the most likely word? I’m pretty sure more people type the F*** then there are typing duck. If anything someone should be complaining how their phone always spells F*** when they want to say Duck. lol jk but if you text a lot and you haven’t got a QWERT phone yet you deserve the annoyance.

20. Palm Pilot


The Best Phone to Ever Suck!!!

December 8, 2009 1 comment

Blackberry Curve 8330
Blackberrys truly live up to their nick name Crackberry, they’re like crack without the baking soda. If you use it long enough you’ll be addicted. I think they’re more like cigarettes. You know how they say if you smoke 9 times you will be hooked, and by the time you cough up a lung you’re too addicted to quite? Well it’s pretty much like that. By the time your Blackberry starts “hour glassing” and deleting your call log and all of your freaking text messages, causing you to no longer have that hot chick you met in Vegas’s number, and when you walk all the way from Circus Circus to the Havana you have no way to tell her you’re in the lobby; you’ll be to hooked on all great things the Blackberry does well to get rid of it. Sorry, flash back. Now… where was I? Oh yes, Pros and Cons:

Up to10 email addresses (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc, get your emails the way you get a text message)
Enterprise Service (corporate email on your device)
2.0 mega pix camera and camcorder
Amazing Battery life for a PDA
3.5 head Phone Jack
External Memory Card (max 16 gig)
Downloadable apps
Cut and paste (on any text field)
Instant Messenger (yahoo, Gtalk, AIM, BBM)
Documents to go
Download email attachments (pic’s, xl, doc, pp)

Takes forever to power up
Web browser needs work (not fully HTML)
Not enough on board memory (96 Megs)
Apps don’t save to the extended memory card
Randomly deletes messages and call log due to low memory
Hour glasses due to low memory
Trackball gets stuck (secret to fixing that, put spit on your finger and wiggle the trackball nasty but it works)

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