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The “New”tered Blackberry Collection

February 10, 2010 2 comments

blackberry optical pad

RIM has come out with several new phone models and their biggest innovation has been ripped the balls out the Blackberry and replacing them with a pad.

trackball vs optical pad

I must admit the optical pad is nice, it works pretty much the same as the trackball and doesn’t make me feel at all as if I’m using a women’s feminine product. Now you can navigate through your “Blackberry whatever” without having to worry about your trackball not scrolling down or to the left anymore. GREAT!!! What else you got?

Oh yes people there is more. Blackberry has increased the onboard memory to 256 MB and 2GB if you get the Storm (no more deleted call logs and text messages), they have a much higher resolution screen (480×360 pixel), an improved web browser that supports HTML fully, a 3.2 Mega pixel camera/camcorder, an app catalog, and a super faster processor so you can do all those thing quick and easy.

you rock

I know what your thinking “WOW! That Rocks!. But wait, I’m not finished.  Lets look at this scenario:

You’re sitting there with your neutered Blackberry that you just traded you’re Curve in for. You’re checking out the web on your upgraded web browser, with your fast processor, and your 480 x 360 resolution screen when you realize. “Wow, this really isn’t much different from my Curve.” I mean yeah it looks better but it pretty much does all the same things. Not only that but the web browser still sucks compared to some other browsers out there, the applications are no way near as good as the Droids, the iPhone, or even the Pre, and it still has the same old interface. Really it’s just the same cake with different frosting.

When you compare older Blackberry models such as the Curve, with the new models there is a slight improvement that may or may not merit getting a new phone. However, when comparing the new models to each other, they are almost identical.

compare blackberrys

It seems like Blackberry could be going in the route that Palm went with the Treo. Palm had a popular phone that was innovative; however they didn’t make any major improvements to it. So when competitors came along they made products that did the same things that the Treo did, but capitalized on the things the Treo lacked.  Next thing you know everyone is trading in their Treo’s and Palm stock plummets.

The things that makes Blackberrys great is their push email capability, which makes your emails come to your Blackberry instantaneously without your phone having to search for them. They also have the ability to sync with corporate emails, calendar, and other enterprise features easily. Lastly they have really good battery life when compared to other PDA’s. Even still the Palm scenario is a very possible scenario for Blackberry if they don’t make some major changes to their devices. Especially now that the iPhone is ending its contract with AT&T and is improving it’s messaging and enterprise capabilities, just like the Google phones is doing.

What a Berry Needs

  1. First off RIM needs to get a great web browser. If they can’t develop on of their own maybe they should work with Opera Mini.
  1. Next they should come out with a Blackberry with a keyboard and a touch screen. A slider would be nice if it had the right form factor.

  1. Get some better applications
  1. Change the interface to something similar but less ugly and boring. Maybe add some graphics the boring  list menu

blackberry interface is boring

If Blackberry was to do at least two out of the 4 suggestions I think that would be enough to fight off the uprising of the android an iPhone.


Flash back, 20 Things that used to be cool in the cell phone world Last Decade

December 14, 2009 2 comments

1. Phones with green screens


2. Nokia 5110

My first Cell Phone, I use to be the Snake champion


3. Polyphonic ringtones

My favorite was “Holla back youngin” by Fabolous

4. Motorola

I don’t know what happen, or who retired but who ever it was get them back cause they just started making crap phones.


5. Razr Phones

Once the most popular phone but had the worst battery life ever


6. 2G


7. Wired Headsets

Remember when they first came out and you thought people were talking to themselves?


8. Treo


9. GoolLink

The application that use to take over your entire phone no matter what you were doing when you got an email


10. Cingular


11. Nextel

Please hold while the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located

12. Bar phones


13. The first camera phones Sanyo 8100

Once upon a time when every phone didn’t have a camera….


14. Blackberry with the side scroll

15. Two way pagers

16. Snake


17. Beaming

Use to have to make your phones French kiss to transfer data


18. Talking

The Nielsen Company has found out that the average US mobile subscriber sends or receives more than 350 SMS messages per month, while making or receiving only 200 voice calls.

19. T9

Side note: I would always get annoyed when T9 would type duck instead of the F word. Isn’t T9 supposed to guess the most likely word? I’m pretty sure more people type the F*** then there are typing duck. If anything someone should be complaining how their phone always spells F*** when they want to say Duck. lol jk but if you text a lot and you haven’t got a QWERT phone yet you deserve the annoyance.

20. Palm Pilot

The Best Phone to Ever Suck!!!

December 8, 2009 1 comment

Blackberry Curve 8330
Blackberrys truly live up to their nick name Crackberry, they’re like crack without the baking soda. If you use it long enough you’ll be addicted. I think they’re more like cigarettes. You know how they say if you smoke 9 times you will be hooked, and by the time you cough up a lung you’re too addicted to quite? Well it’s pretty much like that. By the time your Blackberry starts “hour glassing” and deleting your call log and all of your freaking text messages, causing you to no longer have that hot chick you met in Vegas’s number, and when you walk all the way from Circus Circus to the Havana you have no way to tell her you’re in the lobby; you’ll be to hooked on all great things the Blackberry does well to get rid of it. Sorry, flash back. Now… where was I? Oh yes, Pros and Cons:

Up to10 email addresses (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc, get your emails the way you get a text message)
Enterprise Service (corporate email on your device)
2.0 mega pix camera and camcorder
Amazing Battery life for a PDA
3.5 head Phone Jack
External Memory Card (max 16 gig)
Downloadable apps
Cut and paste (on any text field)
Instant Messenger (yahoo, Gtalk, AIM, BBM)
Documents to go
Download email attachments (pic’s, xl, doc, pp)

Takes forever to power up
Web browser needs work (not fully HTML)
Not enough on board memory (96 Megs)
Apps don’t save to the extended memory card
Randomly deletes messages and call log due to low memory
Hour glasses due to low memory
Trackball gets stuck (secret to fixing that, put spit on your finger and wiggle the trackball nasty but it works)

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