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Try Using ur iPhone in The Winter and Still Keeping Ur Hands Warm

January 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Those of us with iPhones, specially up here in the North East, know the deal with touch screen phones and the winter cold.  They go together almost as well as oil and water.  Most touch screens today are sensitive to the heat given off by your fingertips. This vastly improves the touch screens responsiveness, however it makes it impossible to use your phone with your brand new winter mittens.

etip gloves northface

Luckily The North Face has come up with a solution. ETIP Gloves by, The North Face come equiped with X-Static tips on the thumbs and the index fingers. The tips are made out of a type of metal fabric that allows the heat from your fingertips transfer through to the phone.  No longer do you have to choose between texting your ride, who’s 20 minutes late to pick you up from the train and frostbite.