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My Trackball is Stuck (solution)… FmyBlackberry

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

If you have a Blackberry with a trackball then your trackball has either gotten stuck or will get stuck in the future.  All of the sudden your trackball wont scroll down or to the right anymore.  You’ll find yourself trying to use these crazy alternate methods of getting to your bottom icons only to accidently skip over the one you want and having to start all over again. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, but luckily for you there is help. The reason this happens is because dirt and  dust from your fingers or pockets get inside the trackball and does not allow it to move.  There are 3 ways to solve this problem.

  1. You could just say the hell with it and get a new phone. Maybe an Android phone that offers three different methods of navigating through your extremely advanced, ever so popular phone. You could get a new Blackberry with the optical touchpad and high-resolution screen. No more trackball issues with those, however you will have to be eligible to upgrade.
  2. You could replace the trackball: If you have insurance this should be a free replacement. If not you can replace it yourself all you will need is another trackball. You can get one from an old Blackberry, if you have one lying around, or you can purchase one. They are around $3 on eBay. Once you get the trackball replacing it is easy. You can use your nails or any type of pointy object to stick in-between the keypad and the silver ring around the trackball. Once it is in-between the keypad and the silver ring, simply flick up and it is out. You may need to turn it upside down and tap the back of the phone to get it all the way out. You can then replace it with your new trackball. Be sure to line up the three legs on the trackball with the three groves inside the space where the trackball goes.
  3. Clean the trackball: So your not eligible to upgrade and you can’t afford the $3’s for a trackball. Hey i know, it’s a recession, times are hard. The last way and probably the easiest way is to just clean it.  All you need is a little cleaning solution.  Take a dab and put it on your finger, then take your finger and put it on the trackball. Start to move the trackball around in all directions including the direction that is will no longer scroll in.  After a little while your trackball will be able to scroll in all directions.  I have used this solution on several different phones and it always works for me.  The first few times i did it I actually used a dab of spit on my finger instead of cleaning solution. I know gross, but i found it worked the best.