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No Vaseline Verizon

December 29, 2009 2 comments

Verizon Wireless or “raping you wireless” as I like to call them, recently received an open letter from the FCC commissioner, scolding them on their new early termination threats. “Boy if you terminate this contract prior to the 2 years stipulations I’m ganna smack your ass with this $350 charge so hard you won’t know what hit ya.”

Verizon has been trying to defend their new $350.00 ETF’s to the FCC, stating “The fees enable the company to sell phones at lower upfront prices and to reduce losses if customers break their contracts early. The Carrier also noted that it prorates the fees and the additional revenue helps keep its broadband network strong”

My response to that poor excuse was pretty similar to the commissioner, Mignon Clyburns response, only worded a little different.

My Response: Man that is such BS. Verizon already charges an arm and a leg for cell phone service, and that’s before random fees and surcharges, overage fees, and phantom data charges. A PDA customer with insurance, 450 daytime minutes, and data pays about $90 a month. That $2,160 over 2 years, without overages. These phones retail for $600 tops, which probably already is marked up 300%. If they gave the phones away for free with a new plan, the plan would pay for the phone in less than 8 months.

The real reason Verizon is raping customers with outrageous charges is to cover their outrageous advertising bill. According to during peak seasons Verizon and Verizon wireless pay over $80,000 a day in “pay per click” advertisements alone. Every second you see the Verizon guy on TV or the web and someone has to pay for that. That someone is you. “Can you hear me now? Good!”